Nurse Educator, Preparing the Next Nurses Generation

Nurse Educators are the combination between the clinical capability and the passion to teach for rich and rewarding career. They hold the responsibility to teach and mentor the current and the next generation of the nurse. Like the other educators, they have the important role in creating the strong foundation of the nurse workforce because they do not only become the role model but also implement evidence-based practice for the next generation.The nurse educators also have the job to design, evaluate, and revise the academic program of the nurse education. To fill the job, you should experience the formal academic programs and get a degree or certificate. You also need the informal education program which helps you to understand about individual needs.For those educators, they often express the high degree of satisfaction to their work. They consider the growth of skills and confidence of their students as the suitable rewards for them. By being this kind of educator, you will get some advantages such as collaborating with other health professionals, doing the health research, and flexible work scheduling.There are some qualifications that you need to fill if you want to fill the job profession. First qualification is you must have a solid clinical background. You also need to have the strong communication to teach the nurse students. The strong communication is also supported by the outstanding critical thinking.It is important for the educator above to have the scholarly skills which are usually owned by other educators like teacher and lecturers. This is including the advisement and counseling skills.A nurse educator needs to pay attention to scholarly development of the discipline followed by the commitment to lifelong learning. It is also important for them to enjoy the teaching so they can give good education for the nurse students.